Lockdown blues? Watch RNCM students perform Mr Blue Sky

It’s been voted the happiest song of all time*, so what better way to brighten the first day of our second lockdown than by watching 80 young musicians perform ELO’s 1978 hit Mr Blue Sky?

Click to hear Mr Blue Sky

Featuring students from our classical and popular music degree courses, this uplifting arrangement was created as part of our summer term online performance programme.

Those involved received training in digital recording from professional session musicians and recorded their sections remotely in June 2020, during the UK’s first lockdown period.


Jeff Lynne – Mr Blue Sky: used with permission of Jeff Lynne and EMI Blackwood Music Inc., via Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Arranged for 4 lead vocalists, band, choir and orchestra by RNCM composition student Henry Page.

Audio: David Coyle
Video: Barney Cunningham

Lead Vocals:

Nicole Battick, Ruth Owens, Joe Keegan, George Hewett

James Cooke (guitar)
Kieran Murphy (drums)
Sam Harding (bass)
Andrew Jones (keys)

Sarah Rowley, Sally Pitts (soprano)
Jessica Conway, Kate Aitchison (alto)
Gabriel Seawright, Andrew Terrafranca (tenor)
Peter Brooks, Henry Page (bass)

Emily Blayney, Nathan Fenwick, Brendan Howell, Andrew Birse, Dylan Edge, Louisa Till, Rachael Parry, Ammal Bhatia, Tammy Liang, Lily Whitehurst (first violin)
Karolina Rudas, James Warburton, Emily Olsen, Ailsa Burns, Dylan Latham, Mabon Jones, Sophie Hamilton, Charis Sykesud, Anna Rowland (second violin)
Paula Bowes, Eilidh Randall, Beth Woodford, Becky Stephenson (viola)

Abigail Davies, Ellen Porter, Reyan Murtadha, Chris McVinnie, Neil Sild, Anna Galloway (cello)
Sara Banks, Si Pei Tan, Callum Cronin (double bass)
Humphrey Ting Hin, Sarah Canzonetta, Emily Revill (flute)
Hannah Seymour, Banita Wheatley-Holmes, Maria Mzyk (oboe)
Oliver Charles-Lee, Christopher Hardy, Chloe Tang (clarinet)
Tasuku Noguchi, Rebecca Corbett, Sarah Austen (saxophone)
Sarah Keen, Kirsty Porter, Alice Wriglesworth (bassoon)
Erin Bathgate, Joseph Clarkson, Molly Edwards, Emily Douglas (horn)
Ben Jarvis, Tom Watts, Robbie Richardson, Bethan Plant (trumpet)
Miriam Wallich, Archibald Young-Lee, Joshua Cargill (trombone)
Joshua Allen (tuba)
Tom Hall, Abigail Flood (percussion)
Jason Lam (piano)
Eva Maeyaert, Kathryn Mason (harp)

Clark Rundell (music director)
Hannah McGuigan (vocalists)
Bryan Hargreaves, Stuart McCallum (band)
Ellie Slorach (choir)
Simmy Singh, Carol Jarvis (orchestra)

*Survey by Greatest Hits Radio, 2020

5 November 2020