RNCM and Students’ Union launch zero-tolerance campaign

The RNCM and RNCM Students’ Union are proud to launch a new campaign promoting a zero-tolerance culture regarding sexual harassment.

Led by the Students’ Union, RNCM Zero is a collaborative initiative designed to ensure that the Royal Northern College of Music sets a strong example to its staff, students and the wider community of Greater Manchester.Believing that everyone has the right to work and study, confident in the knowledge that they are fully respected by all members of society, RNCM Zero aims to educate on the definition of sexual harassment, improve the signposting and procedure for reporting instances of harassment and bullying, and challenge the culture in which sexual harassment exists.

Professor Linda Merrick, RNCM Principal, said: ‘The safety and welfare of our staff and students is of paramount importance, and we are proud to launch a joint campaign with our Students’ Union that not only promotes our dedication to instilling a zero-tolerance culture at the College, but ensures that we play our part in eliminating sexual harassment and bullying within our society.’

Kathy Hart, RNCM SU President, added: ‘I think we’re in a really exciting time at the moment where there’s a lot of positive campaigning around moving towards a zero-tolerance culture and for me this is really just a statement about looking out for each other and working together [as a society] to make sexual harassment a thing of the past. It’s a conversation about everybody – staff and students – which is why it’s so powerful as a joint campaign from both the Students’ Union and the College.’

Nina Pryce, RNCM SU Education Officer, said: ‘The purpose of this campaign echoes the artistic industry’s current push towards a safer, more equal and positive creative environment. Through uniting the Students’ Union and the College we can work together to challenge unacceptable behaviour and create a zero-tolerance culture in which staff and students feel safe and empowered.’

RNCM Zero is offering people the chance to show their solidarity with a range of free merchandise, social media graphics and the option to sign an external statement. Learn more here.

11 March 2019