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Senior Lecturer, Module Coordinator - MMus

MusB, MusM, PhD

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Mauricio Pauly writes music for mixed ensembles, working with expressive amplification and electronics as an integrated element of performance. This work has its roots in close collaborative relationships with performers — a constantly evolving practice aimed at a fluid relationship to live-mixing, processing, and performing with electronic sound, expressively intertwined with the sound and physicality of their own instrument. This fluency is transparent to an audience who might normally trip over the physical disconnection of these sounding sources. Having that integration be natural in its physicality is important for that reason. 

In 2014-15, Mauricio was awarded a year-long residency at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. In 2016 he was the first Composer in Residence at Villa Romana, in Florence, Italy where he presented a one-hour site-specific piece. In 2017 he wrote the music for Athina Rachel Tsangari’s production of Wedekind’s Lulu at the Salzburg Festival. In 2018 he will be in residence at Civitella Ranieri, in Umbria, Italy. 

Recordings of his music have been released by JACK Quartet (New Focus), Fonema Consort (New Focus), Karin Hellqvist (ForTune) and Mabel Kwan (MilkFactory). His music has been commissioned by and/or performed at various festivals including Ultima Festival Oslo 2011 & 2017, ISCM New Music Days 2011, MATA Festival NYC 2011, Warsaw Autumn 2013, Darmstadt International Summer Courses 2010, 12, 14 & 16 (Staubach Commission 2010) and Images Sonores Festival 2015 (Liege), Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik 2016; and by ensembles including scapegoat, Pamplemousse, Phace, Vortex, and ICE.

As a performer Mauricio toured and recorded with numerous bands and projects in the mid 90s. Recent performance projects include A Greater Horror, a through-written instrumental rock trio, and Inner Helmet, an electro-acoustic improvisation duo with Sabrina Schroeder. He is currently collaborating with Gabriel Montagné on a series of installation works under the moniker Rosa Debe Cuidársele. He is the founder and artistic co-director of Distractfold, an internationally acclaimed ensemble specialising in amplified chamber and electroacoustic music. 

 Mauricio is also a tutor at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.

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Current and Future Research

Jan 10 2017 Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna, Austria) – Ensemble Phace: The Difference is the Buildings Between Us, for amplified quintet (sax, viola, contrabass, piano, percussion) and live eletronics

Apr 28 2017 Gare du Nord, Basel (IGNM Series) – Scapegoat, The Threshing Floor

May 2 2017 Unerhörte Musik, Berlin – Scapegoat, The Threshing Floor

May 15 2017 No Hay Banda, La Sala Rossa Montreal – Scapegoat performs, The Threshing Floor and Marc Olivier Lamontagne (Ciao Rhino) performs Sky Destroys Dog.

August 6 2017 Pesedjet (Mabel Kwan, Carrie Shaw and Jesse Langen) perform the premiere of HECAYODO at Constellation, Chicago. A piece written in collaboration with Gabriel Montagné.

June 26 2017 slow (sullivan/olencki/wubbels) – The Threshing Floor at Scholes Street Studio, New York. Also works by Salem, Sullivan, Wubbels, Young.

August 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 27 & 28 Music for Athina Rachel Tsangari‘s production of Lulu: Eine Monstretragödie (1884) at the Salzburg Festival 2017

Sept 9 2017 Grand Street Theatre, Melbourne – Scapegoat performs, The Threshing Floor along with new works by Pierluigi Billone and Michelle Lou.

Sept 16 2017 Ultima Festival Oslo, SALT 1 pm – Scapegoat performs, The Threshing Floor along with new works by Pierluigi Billone and Michelle Lou.

Jun 16 – Jul 25 2018 Civitella Ranieri Residence


Undergraduate Teaching

Songwriting Workshop

Original Ensemble Project Tutor

Postgraduate Teaching

Electric Experimental Ensemble

Aural Analysis and Critique

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    Composition(All Details)s

  • Mauricio Pauly The Threshing Floor, Scapegoat, amplified duo (tenor saxophone and percussion), live electronics and tape, , Knafel Center, Radcliffe Center for Advanced Study, Harvard University, May 13, 2015
  • Mauricio Pauly Another Celibate Machine, amplified quintet (bass flute, violin, cello, guitar, percussion) and live electronics, 

Professional Activity

Distractfold Ensemble: Artistic co-director, electric bass

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University: Fellow 2014-15

Master classes:

March 2016: McGill University, Schulich School of Music, Compostion Forum presentation

April 2016: Harvard University, Department of Music, Distractfold Ensemble residency

April 2016: New York University, Department of Music, Composition Forum presentation