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Decontamination #10

Songs of Mourning, Music of Suppression

Monday 8 May 8.00pm

RNCM Concert Hall


Emily Hall  Extracts from Rest
Peter Ablinger Instrumente und Rauschen (various)

For the latest event in our Decontamination contemporary music series, we re-locate all of the action to our theatre stage – so the audience will actually join the musicians on stage to create a unique, immersive artistic experience. To begin this hour-long event, three female RNCM singers will perform extracts from Emily Hall’s Rest (a secular requiem originally performed by folk trio Lady Maisery.) Then it’s time for some of Peter Ablinger’s work, when we explore pieces for instruments and noise. Decontamination #10 will be creatively lit and capacity will be limited due to the set up on stage.

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Monday 8 May 8.00pm - Tickets £8