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RNCM Research Forum – Dr Luke Nickel

Tracks, scores and paths: intersections between roller coasters, music and artificial intelligence

Wednesday 18 May 2022, 4.15pm

RNCM Lecture Theatre

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Our new series of Research Forums will be livestreamed from the RNCM YouTube channel. The audience has the opportunity to hear presentations from academics, performers and composers, and to engage in the exchange of ideas that follows. Talks usually last about an hour, including a Q&A session. You can join us in person or watch this session live streamed.

Luke Nickel is an independent composer, researcher and digital roller coaster designer based in Bristol, UK. This presentation details the creation of two recent multimedia performances, hhiidddenn vvoorrttiicceess written for Zubin Kanga (2022) and Steel becomes silk, gravity recast created with Juliet Fraser (2021). In each of these works, Nickel throws music and simulated roller coasters into a reflexive relationship where the creation of one affects the other. Concepts such as gravity and pitch get tangled together, tracks become scores and simulated roller coasters are transformed into electronic instruments. Woven into these explorations is the use of artificial intelligence in the form of DIY sound and image-making tools, trained models and new collaborative strategies.

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This event will end at approximately 5.30pm

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Wednesday 18 May 2022, 4.15pm