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RNCM Research Forum – Simon Clarke

Dialectics, Deconstruction, Dialetheism

Wednesday 21 February 2024, 4.15pm

RNCM Lecture Theatre

RNCM Research Forums

Our series of Research Forums gives audiences the opportunity to hear presentations from academics, performers and composers, and to engage in the exchange of ideas that follows. Talks usually last about an hour, including a Q&A session. You can join us in person or watch many of the sessions livestreamed from the RNCM YouTube channel.

This study day concerns itself with various disparate topics and methodologies that can nonetheless be taken as unified in their ‘paradoxico-critical’ (Livingston, 2012) formal orientations. Thus, dialectics, deconstruction and dialetheism (associated in the first instance with thinkers as divergent as Hegel, Derrida and Priest), what we will here refer to as 3-D philosophy, may all be seen to revolve around irreducible contradictions and their consequences.

These ‘limit paradoxes’, whereby concepts, signifiers or formal propositions can only belong to their respective groupings if they can’t in fact possibly belong to them (e.g., Russell’s paradox, viz. the set of all sets that don’t belong to themselves), have far-reaching implications, some of the dimensions of which (be they metaphysical, aesthetic, political, scientific etc.) we seek to explore here.


Free admission, no ticket required.

This event will end at approximately 5.45pm.

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Wednesday 21 February 2024, 4.15pm