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Tippett & Bourne + Isotach

Thursday 23 May 7.30pm

RNCM Theatre


Two of the greatest British jazz pianists meet across the generational divide in an exciting new collaboration.

​Pursuing a long-standing respect for each other’s music, Matthew Bourne and Keith Tippett take their relationship to the next stage and show their boundless creativity shares a common ground. ​Last autumn, during several days of musical exploration at Bristol’s Colston Hall, Tippett and Bourne discovered a magical improvisatory connection – and a new duo was born.

Both are mesmerising performers, famous for their idiosyncrasy, virtuosity and non-conformity. Their collaboration is a gem of synergy that epitomises the energy and beauty of improvisers at the top of their game.

The evening opens with a string trio set performing new arrangements of the recent Isotach project, where Bourne is at his most spacious and contemplative.

manchester jazz festival in association with RNCM

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Thursday 23 May 7.30pm - Tickets £18