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Thursday Lunchtimes: Steve Reich Double Sextet with Psappha

Thursday Lunchtimes

Our students, staff, and visiting artists perform alongside one another in our weekly Thursday lunchtime concert series. Drop in during your lunch break and enjoy the best of ensemble music in the heart of Manchester. 

Psappha is the North West’s only stand-alone professional contemporary classical music ensemble dedicated to commissioning, performing and promoting new music – particularly by living composers and emerging musicians. A gripping display of interlocking rhythms and instruments in Steve Reich’s Double Sextet forms the perfect setting for our students and Psappha to unite in this side-by-side lunchtime concert. 

Linda Catlin Smith Morandi for two pianos and two vibraphones
Steve Reich Double Sextet *

Leon Frantzen conductor *
Benjamin Powell ^, Holly Calder + Evi Wang* + piano
Conrad Marshall ^, Kira Schlosser + flute
Dov Goldberg ^, Josh Pyman + clarinet
Delia Stevens ^, Hoi Kwang + percussion
Benedict Holland ^, Andrew Taheny + violin
Paul Grennan, Olivia Morton + cello 

Performers from Psappha ^
Student performers from RNCM + 

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£2.50 (Under 26s and Students)
£5 (Full) 


This event will end at approximately 1.55pm.