PRiSM Perception App

The PRiSM Perception App is a generic tool that can be configured for different concerts, presentations and experiments.

With design by Michelle Phillips (RNCM), Matthew Wilcoxson (OeRC) and David De Roure (OeRC), this interactive app is being developed by PRiSM and Oxford e-Research Centre in collaboration with the EPRSC ‘Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies’ project.

The World Premiere of the PRiSM Perception App will take place on Wednesday 4 October 2017 at the RNCM in Manchester during the first PRiSM Experiment (#PRiSM-X1).

The data gathered by the app will be analysed to explore what mathematical relationships the listener may be hearing.

Join us at the RNCM for the World Premiere PRiSM Experiment #PRiSM-X1 on 4th October 2017.

The Music of Proof: What does Maths Sound Like?

During the performance, audience members will be invited to respond to a piece of music via a smart phone / tablet app.

We advise that you download the PRiSM Perception App prior to arrival at the concert.

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