Jing Ouyang, PhD in Performance Piano

I’m originally from Guangdong Province in China. I studied at Purcell School before joining the RNCM in 2007. I have completed a BMus (Hons), MMus and PG Dip here, and I am now undertaking the first year of my PhD in Performance.

Jing Ouyang - PhD

My research is an investigation into how the English fortepiano influenced the style of piano playing and composing from 1790 to 1820. This study will focus on repertoire written by the group of composers labelled by Nicholas Temperley as the London Pianoforte School, such as Dussek, Steibelt and Clementi. I am interested to see how the influence of the English style can be seen in the works of London Pianoforte School and their contemporaries, and how might these features inform performance on a modern piano.

I chose to undertake my research at the RNCM because it is one of the world’s finest institutions for both performance and research. The tutors are active researchers and they are all experts in their fields. The Historical Performance department provides masterclasses and coaching slots on historical instruments, which will help my research enormously. For my research, I will also use a wide selection of repertoire in original editions; many such works are published in the facsimile volumes of Nicholas Temperley’s London Pianoforte School series which are in the RNCM Library.

The research department is very friendly and open, with people who are passionate about their projects. The department offers students a wealth of forums and conferences to attend and participate in. The exciting academic environment has given me the critical research skills required for me to undertake my PhD. After completing my research I would like to become a piano tutor and a lecturer; I think it will be great to take some lesser-known repertoire back to China to expand the way the music has been taught over there.