Essential Audition Information for 2018 Entry Applicants

The information below outlines the audition process for September 2018 entry, and a checklist of steps you will need to take before your audition.

Submit your supporting documents via Acceptd

Please submit all of your supporting documents via Acceptd as soon as you are able to. It is important to submit all the appropriate information before the deadline of 1 October 2017, especially if you are submitting shortlisting material for the GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) programme.

Click to open Acceptd

Receive your audition details via UCAS Conservatoires

Live audition dates for September 2018 entry

The main audition period this year will take place between late November and early December 2017, with exact dates being confirmed early in the Autumn tern. Auditions and interviews for GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) will take place in mid-November. Applicants for the GRNCM/MusB will hear separately about their audition details by early November. MMus Conducting auditions will take place in December 2017 (exact date to be confirmed in the Autumn term).

Your personal audition details

Please note that the RNCM does not post hard copy audition invitation letters: your audition time and date will be sent via UCAS Conservatoires from the end of October to mid-November. Please check the audition details via ‘Track Progress’ on UCAS Conservatoires. Please also keep an eye on your email for correspondence from the RNCM Admissions department.

You will need to click on the course to view the details. Please also read the comments very carefully as they contain important information about the day. Once you have received an audition time, you will receive an email informing you of how to confirm your attendance at this audition.

Audition dates and times

The date and time on UCAS Conservatoires is your audition time, NOT warm-up or preparation time. BMus and GRNCM applicants are also required to complete an online multiple choice test as explained below.

Please do not make travel arrangements before you receive the exact time and date from us.

Please note that audition dates are normally non-negotiable and will only be rescheduled in case of illness (doctor’s note must be provided) or other unforeseeable circumstances, e.g. flight cancellation.

If your audition is two rounds, please expect to be at the RNCM for a full day – requests to alter audition times to fit pre-booked travel cannot be accommodated.

Familiarise yourself with your School’s audition requirements

Please familiarise yourself with the audition requirements on our website and make sure that you take into account warm-up time and the online test when you make your travel arrangements.

All applicants resident in the UK are required to attend a live audition. International candidates living abroad who have selected ‘Recording’ as their ‘Audition location’ on UCAS Conservatoires should include an appropriate video recording as part of their Acceptd submission. Please see the auditions requirements page for your school for further details on requirements for video recordings.

An accompanist will be provided for all live auditions as appropriate (but not warm-up). Please bring the scores for the pianist on the day. You can bring your own accompanist if you prefer.

Online multiple choice test for BMus and GRNCM/MusB applicants

Applicants auditioning for the BMus and GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) will be required to undertake a short online multiple choice test on the audition day. The test will last approximately 45 minutes. It contains elements of theory (e.g. chord recognition), musicianship (e.g. interval recognition) and musical stylistic knowledge (e.g. ensembles, notation).

The purpose of this test is to enable us to understand more about each candidate’s general musicianship and contextual awareness, and to gauge levels of prior experience in these areas. Please note that the test does not have a pass or fail mark, and it is not the case that a certain mark must be achieved in order to gain a place at the RNCM.

The test will inform the Heads of Schools and the programme team about the broader musical interests and experience of audition candidates, and results may be used to inform offer decisions in cases where a decision is difficult to reach on the basis of the practical audition alone, given the competition for places on the BMus and GRNCM/MusB programmes. The test will also give candidates a flavour of some of their areas of learning as a student at RNCM.

There will be a small computer cluster available for this test on the day. However, to give yourself more flexibility, we would encourage you to bring your own laptop, iPad or other suitable device for this test. Applicants for the BMus and GRNCM/MusB will be provided with more details when invited to audition.

Ensure payment of audition and application fees

Please note that no audition can be arranged without both the UCAS Conservatoires application fee and all audition fees being paid (both are paid through UCAS Conservatoires). This policy is the same for all conservatoires within UCAS Conservatoires. If you have not yet paid the full audition fee for any of the conservatoires you applied to, please contact UCAS Conservatoires immediately to make a payment. If your school is paying the audition fee on your behalf, your record will be updated at a later date so please do not worry.

Notification of audition outcome

All applicants who attended an audition during the main audition period will be given a decision on UCAS Conservatoires before Christmas. All applicants who receive a guaranteed offer will also receive an email confirming their offer.


If you require any further assistance, please email

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