Online Multiple Choice Test: Undergraduate Candidates

BMus and GRNCM/MusB candidates

Applicants auditioning for the BMus and GRNCM/MusB (‘Joint Course’) will be required to undertake a short online multiple choice test on audition day. The test contains elements of theory (e.g. chord recognition), musicianship (e.g. interval recognition) and musical stylistic knowledge (e.g. ensembles, notation).

Purpose of the test

The purpose of this test is to enable us to understand more about each candidates’ general musicianship and contextual awareness, and to gauge levels of prior experience in these areas. Please note that the test does not have a pass or fail mark, and it is not the case that a certain mark must be achieved in order to gain a place at the RNCM.

How the test outcomes will be used

The test will inform the Heads of Schools and the programme team about the broader musical interests and experience of audition candidates, and results may be used to inform offer decisions in cases where a decision is difficult to reach on the basis of the practical audition alone, given the competition for places on the BMus and GRNCM/MusB programmes. The test will also give candidates a flavour of some of their areas of learning as a student at the RNCM.

The test will take 45 minutes.

Applicants for the BMus (Classical) and GRNCM/MusB will be provided with more details when invited to audition.

BMus (Hons) Popular Music candidates

Undergraduate Popular Music candidates will also be required to undertake a 45-minute online theory test, equivalent to grade 5 theory.

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