Guidance for MPerf Applicants

Applications for the MPerf (Master of Performance) programme should be made, with all appropriate fees paid, by 1 October 2017 via UCAS Conservatoires.

Once the application has been made, all necessary supporting documents should be uploaded using Acceptd.

Master of Performance -pianist

Submitting Your Application

Please check the Entrance Requirements page before submitting your application.

All MPerf applications should be submitted online through UCAS Conservatoires.

For further guidance, please visit the Make An Application page

Acceptd Document Requirements

MPerf applicants must supply the following information before they are able to complete their Acceptd submission:

  1. Name and email address of your chosen academic referee
  2. Name and email address of your chosen practical referee
  3. A scanned copy of all qualifications to date

All necessary documentation must be submitted via Acceptd by 1 November 2017.

International Applicants

If you are a non-UK based student who has chosen to submit a recorded audition, please note that this must also be uploaded at the same time.

Audition Requirements

Each School of Study/Principal Study instrument has its own audition requirements. Please visit the Audition Process page for your proposed School of Study.



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