Covid-19 Guidance for Junior RNCM Staff and Students

Please do not attend the college if you or anyone in your household are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Please do not attend the college if you have tested positive for Covid-19 and/or have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS or your doctor.

We ask all staff and students to:

  • Enter the college via the door on the car park / Rosamond Street West side of the main Reception area only.
  • Use hand sanitiser upon entering the building, and have your temperature checked via the wall mounted screen. If your temperature is above 37.5 ̊C you will not be granted access to the building. Once permitted entry, you will be asked to sign in at Reception using your student or staff ID card and the electronic reader.
  • Wear face coverings (unless you are exempt) in public/shared areas as you move around the building and on the concourses (except when eating or drinking). Please note – face coverings do not need to be worn by Junior RNCM students aged 11 and under.
  • Be considerate around others in terms of social distancing.
  • Avoid sharing equipment, instruments and / or mouthpieces.
  • Make full use, between lessons, of the antibacterial wipes provided within each teaching room. Brass and Woodwind players should use the wipes to “drain” their instruments during their lessons / rehearsals.
  • Return to the Reception area and sign out using your student or staff ID card and the electronic reader when leaving the building.

What to do if you (or someone in your household) are unwell with Covid-19 symptoms

The information for juniors details our approach to keeping everyone safe within the building and to control the virus. All juniors and their families should be familiar with this information, in particular the request not to enter the building if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, have tested positive for Covid-19, or have been asked to self-isolate by the NHS or a doctor.

If you are not able to enter the college building, the following arrangements will be made:

Instance Arrangements What you should do
I have Covid-19 symptoms but I am not unwell.

Someone in my household has Covid-19 symptoms but I am not unwell.

Please do not travel to RNCM. We will make arrangements for you to have your principal study/second study lesson remotely:

  • Your lesson will be in the normal allocated time slot, where possible.
  • Your lesson will be conducted by zoom.


As soon as you are aware that you have Covid-19 symptoms you should contact the Head of JRNCM via email who will then cascade this information and make arrangements for your Zoom lesson(s).

It is important that you feel able to contact us on the morning of your lesson – please don’t feel it is too late to arrange for a remote lesson. We would rather make the arrangements than risk you travelling to RNCM and not being able to enter the building.

I am unwell and cannot have my lesson.

(with any illness)

If you are not well enough to come into RNCM to have your lesson, the normal illness policy applies. Lessons will only be arranged remotely in the instance of being unable to come in due to Covid-19 symptoms. As soon as you are aware that you are unwell you should contact the Head of JRNCM as normal.

If you are unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, we would expect you to follow guidelines on self-isolation. If you are self-isolating, please let us know immediately.



COVID-19 Update: Our venues have reopened to the public and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back this Autumn. Before attending an event at the RNCM, please read our Audience Protocol…