Emma Rushworth, Violin

How old were you when you started at Junior RNCM and why did you apply?

I started the Junior RNCM when I was eight years old. I applied to become a member because from the early age of three I loved playing the violin and I really wanted to play with other talented young musicians who had the same interests.

What were your favourite aspects on Junior RNCM?

I loved every aspect of Junior RNCM! Everyone was so welcoming and approachable it was like one big family. It used to be the highlight of my week – Saturdays couldn’t come quick enough! I really enjoyed my busy timetable receiving all the expert tuition and sharing this experience alongside other young talented musicians who became friends for life. One of my favourite aspects of Junior RNCM was that we were given many different types of performance opportunities such as performing in various outside engagements as a soloist, as well as having the privilege to perform in various concert venues within the college. Finally, the Head, Karen Humphreys is always available to provide guidance, support, encouragement and a ‘friendly ear’ to steer you in the right direction.

What was your most memorable moment at Junior RNCM?

There have been many memorable moments during my time at Junior RNCM. However, the one that stands out more than any is when I found out that Leland Chen agreed to take me on as his pupil. Another memorable moment was when I won my first prize which was the Orchestral Prize.

What advice would you give to anyone auditioning for Junior RNCM?

My advice would be to know yourself why you would like to be part of the Junior RNCM and to be fully prepared for the audition, stay relaxed and be yourself!

How do you think Junior RNCM prepared you for studying at Conservatoire and more generally, life as a professional musician?

Oven 10 years, the Junior RNCM has taught me so many different skills and also prepared me to move on and develop these even further in preparation for a professional career.

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