Junior RNCM: What Our Students Say

Junior RNCM students tell us what they enjoy most about their Saturdays with us!

JRNCM bassoon player

Junior RNCM is always the highlight of my week and there are many things that I look forward to, but the focus for me is my instrument lessons. Both my teachers are really easy to work with and I am always learning something new and beneficial each week. There’s a really enjoyable atmosphere here where we can all learn from each other. At times some of the music really challenges you and you have to work really hard to play it but when you finally do you are filled with a real buzz.
Kwasi, Bassoon

Junior RNCM composer

To be honest, I look forward to everything at Junior RNCM! One highlight of Junior RNCM was having my composition workshopped and performed by the Junior New Music Ensemble. Being able to talk about my piece with the performers massively benefited my understanding of instrumentation. Another highlight was performing Sibelius’ Second Symphony in the RNCM Concert Hall – this was an amazing and musically powerful experience.
Hannah, Composition

Junior RNCM French Horn player

Saturday is the one day of the week that I don’t mind getting up for as it is Junior RNCM day! The Junior RNCM has certainly improved my confidence and performance ability with guidance from great teachers. There have been many highlights during my time at Junior RNCM, but the most important aspect has been just playing music with other like-minded people who have become great friends.
Toby, French Horn

What I love most about JRNCM is the positive energy you are surrounded with, it just feels like a fun day out! I really look forward to catching up with my friends each week. I’ve had some amazing opportunities that I never expected. Musical events such as the regular formal and informal concerts given by students are always incredibly inspiring, whether you’re on stage or in the audience.
Joseph, Voice