Bridie Bloor, BMus Oboe

You transferred to RNCM from a University didn’t you? What made you want to transfer to a conservatoire?

I studied Combined Honours at university for some time before coming to the RNCM. It was a really fantastic course, which allowed me to explore different subject areas flexibly. However, after a while, it became clear that I was enjoying the instrumental performance side of things in particular.


Applying to the RNCM was then an easy choice! In the heart of a vibrant, cultural, (and cost-effective) major city you have access to everything you need, whilst it’s not too big and daunting. In particular, I love the progressive nature of the College, and its strong links to all of the surrounding orchestras, as well as the lovely, lovely oboe department here.

How have you found it settling in and making friends so far?

Settling in has been fun and easy, despite not living in halls. I was immediately welcomed into a friendly supportive atmosphere, and even though it’s still early days, I’m confident that I’ll remain relaxed and happy for the remainder of my time here.

What were you doing before you came to the RNCM?

Before coming to the RNCM, (and after pausing my studies in Newcastle), I worked for about a year around restaurants and bars whilst attending music courses when I could, and continued training with the Army Reserves (5th Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and prior to this, Northumbrian University Officer Training Corps). Being part of the Reserves alongside studying, and ‘every day’ life has added a whole new dimension of life to me. In my spare time, it’s provided opportunities to participate in lots of adventurous training activities, as well as leadership and team work sills alongside fitness, whilst getting paid for it! I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone, and I am definitely transferring to a nearby unit in Manchester as soon as possible.

What do you think of Manchester as a city?

Manchester is a great city. As aspiring musicians, all students here at RNCM have lot of opportunities to attend concerts and gigs at discounted rates making concert-going easily accessible for us. The college is next door to Manchester Aquatics Centre and gym, and en-route for the free bus links that run into the city centre. The city’s big enough to explore and find hubs that suit you, but also small enough to have a friendly atmosphere whist being safe.

What do you plan to do after your studies here?

After completing studies at the RNCM I think there’s a fairly large chance I’d apply to do a Master’s and continue studying oboe, perhaps somewhere in Europe! But I’m not too sure yet! RNCM’s undergraduate degree is quite broad, and provides with many insights into the different areas of the ‘music world’, and doesn’t necessarily force us down the traditional performance pathway.