Annual Appeal

The RNCM Appeal is our annual fundraising campaign.

Giving talented young musicians the best possible chance to succeed in our globally competitive profession is a responsibility we take very seriously. Furnishing them with the skills, training, knowledge and experience they need is more expensive than ever. Whilst tuition fees and our government grant are important contributions to the cost of delivering such exceptional provision, unfortunately they fall well short of the real costs.

As a registered charity, we rely more and more on external funding and donations to sustain us, which is why we are reaching out to our alumni, friends and supporters through an Annual Appeal. Please make a donation if you can, however small or large, and join us in ensuring the future of this precious art form.

Your donation will make a real difference to the four key areas of our work below.

To make a donation, please complete the form below or call 0161 907 5394.

Artistic Enrichment

I was exposed to musicians of the highest calibre who influenced not only my playing but also my mindset and awareness of the musician that I am and want to become

Postgraduate bassoonist Sam Brough on working with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra


Mastering a musical instrument requires years of developing and honing technical skill, but becoming a visionary performing artist requires inspiration; the opening of heart, mind and creative ambition. Whether a masterclass with an esteemed international musician, or a workshop with one of the most highly respected ensembles in the world, or sitting alongside an experienced professional musician in an ensemble setting, we help our students go the extra mile. By helping us to fund visits from truly exceptional artists we can continue to provide experiences that ignite another level of passion and awareness. For a young, aspiring professional musician these moments are often a game-changer.

Having Miklos [Perényi] come to RNCM has been amazing: being able to see him playing up close is so inspiring, because he has such flawless technique as well as really interesting musical ideas. He was a student of Pablo Casals and was taught by one of the students of David Popper- both legendary names for cellists!

Undergraduate cellist Eliza Carew on coaching from the Haworth International Chair in Cello

Student Support

It is impossible to overstate the importance of financial support for students. The most talented are by no means the most affluent, but they possess the ambition, hunger and musicianship that will keep our beloved art form alive and thriving for the next generation. Without this support, these crucial advocates risk being lost to us all.

Clark Rundell, RNCM Head of Conducting


Quite simply, by training at the RNCM, talented young musicians are best placed and best equipped to fulfil their artistic and career potential. But they are also challenged by the ever-increasing cost of their training. We are committed to offering as many scholarships and bursaries as we possibly can, and yet we are only able to meet around 50% of what is needed. By helping us to grow the financial support we are able to offer, you are helping us to make sure access to this high quality education remains as open and fair as possible.

Receiving financial help really did mean the difference between me coming back to the RNCM to pursue my dreams or abandoning them. It has been a struggle at times as I have had to work three jobs on top of studying to cover my living costs; however without the help I received in the form of a scholarship, the possibility of returning was impossible. Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Postgraduate soprano Kimberley Raw

RNCM Engage

Wow!!!!! That’s it. Just wow!!!!! – I was first on my feet for the standing ovation and had tears pouring down my cheeks. – I didn’t think that my child would ever step inside a building like this. And to sing on that huge stage. – I would never have guessed that children this age could produce something so professional. Thank you for making it possible.

Parents of children involved in RNCM’s Children’s Opera project


From the excitement of school age children composing and performing their own opera, to Family Days and free workshops, to the invaluable work of Music for Health in hospitals, hospices and care homes; RNCM Engage reaches out to our local and regional communities, spreading the message that music connects and can enrich, comfort, inspire, challenge, channel and educate, whoever we are.

I have felt inspired, energised and excited… to see the exponential development of the children has been wonderful, and noticing the influence I had on the children’s learning was a huge experience for me as I continue to grow my skills and enthusiasm for work in music education.

RNCM student

The Artistic Programme

I am very impressed by the quality of the work that is done here. Also, it is such a happy place, I so enjoy the atmosphere and I love music.

Audience member


Our students will spend many hours in the practice room, but it is only in front of an audience that their work really comes alive. On the opera stage or in the concert hall, recital room or lecture theatre, they will prepare for their career by working with fully professional creative teams to deliver outstanding performances. Audiences across the region (and beyond) can experience the results of their hard work with two free lunchtime concerts each week plus a full range of orchestral, chamber, solo, opera, contemporary, jazz, folk, world and popular music. The RNCM’s award-winning artistic programme also incorporates some of the most influential artists, performers and speakers of our time. Supporting this area of our work will enable us to sustain our position as one of the most dynamic performance venues in the country.

A hive of great musical activity, the chance to see great performers of the future as well as well-established ones. Great variety of music from all periods! – Having been to many different concert venues I was most impressed with the concert hall… The enthusiasm of the young musicians was a joy to watch and the standard was excellent… I will certainly be returning many times to enjoy the RNCM experience.

Audience members

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