Student Support

What does an orchestra sound like if some of the less popular instruments are missing? What does a musical future look like for someone with huge talent but no support?

More and more we’re seeing financial and geographical circumstances beyond a young person’s control put music training out of reach.

Group of musicians

More and more we’re seeing beautiful instruments become so underrepresented that we call them endangered.

RNCM have come up with creative and focused way to protect the pipeline of diverse musicians and instruments:

1. Northern Student Awards remove financial barriers for talented musicians in the North. We unearth the talent, nurture it, and stand behind tomorrow’s performers. Northern Scholarships support with the cost of fees for a talented musician in challenging circumstances to study at RNCM.

2. Endangered Instrument Awards ensure that less popular instruments don’t disappear, by targeting support from the earliest stages. They are at critical risk, and with them, so is the future of classical performance.

3. Equity Awards offers targeted mentoring and training for musicians from diverse backgrounds or those who have experienced barriers to accessing education for whatever reason.

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