Airi Yamada

Airi is a mezzo-soprano, studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Musical Performance. Born in Japan, she moved to the UK to study with us.

She shared with us how migration has affected her life and work…

airi yamada we are migrants

What does the word ‘migrant’ mean to you?

To me, ‘migrant’ means to travel to another country from one’s home to achieve something and make dreams come true.

Where were you born, and what caused you to move away from your birth country?

I was born in Japan, but I decided to study in the UK because I was influenced by Handel and Shakespeare since childhood. I also wanted to learn opera and many other languages such as Italian, German, French, etc…while studying English.

How have your personal experiences of migration impacted on you as a musician and artist?

The RNCM welcomes foreign students, fosters international talent, and provides a wealth of career opportunities. I’ve met so many musicians from all over the world whose very different insights can widen my horizons.

Whilst studying on the RNCM Master’s programme, I realised the importance of thinking about things from a global perspective and above all being able to communicate in English by studying music under talented RNCM tutors with the same goals as those of different nationalities, races, and religions.

In addition, I acquired a wide range of knowledge, techniques, and language related to vocal music and opera, and gained experience on my first opera stage, which absolutely improved  me as a musician.

Where did the RNCM come into your story?

The RNCM has been the biggest influence on my musical path. So I would say the RNCM is the highlight of my life. Having studied music from a young age, I had many opportunities to perform in my country, but none of these compare to the wonderful experiences I’ve had here.

Where is home to you?

My home is Japan, but I’ve made the UK my second home.

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