Chris and Kamran

Chris is a violinist studying in his first year on the BMus in the RNCM School of Strings. Chris shared the story of his friend, Kamran, who is currently seeking asylum in England.

He shared with us how migration has affected Kamran as a musician…

‘Kamran is a violinist & singer from Iran, and is currently seeking asylum in England. Kamran has a dream of one day learning at a music college.

‘In Iran, all music that is not within the Islamic doctrine is forbidden. This means that Kamran was not allowed to practice violin or sing any of his favourite music in public whilst living in his country, due to fear of being informed upon, and persecuted.

‘Before making the journey over to England, Kamran was discovered to be singing some music from an opera in a park, and as a result he was imprisoned for three days and beaten up. He still has injuries from the incident.

‘But this has only given him more reason to pursue his dream.

‘Somebody recently donated a violin to Kamran, whom upon receiving it, played a famous traditional Iranian melody to his friends who are also seeking asylum, reducing them to tears in the knowledge that they are now free from the tyranny of the state.

‘I wanted to bring him to see the RNCM, so that he may see some of the amazing things that we have going on here, which will hopefully inspire him further.

‘Thank you for letting me share his story.’

– Chris Newton

Chris recently brought Kamran into College for an RNCM Symphony Orchestra concert and is due to have a violin lesson with an RNCM tutor.

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