Stella Kelly

Stella is a fourth year popular music vocalist. Born in Perth, Western Australia, she moved to the UK to study and has lived here ever since.

She shared with us how migration has affected her life and work…

Stella Kelly

What does the word ‘migrant’ mean to you?

To me, a migrant is a person who has moved countries in search of better living conditions or opportunities that they are not able to receive in their home country.

Where were you born and what caused you to move away from your birth country?

I was born in Perth, Western Australia and have moved to Manchester to study at the RNCM. I received a two-semester exchange placement on the Popular Music course, which I was incredibly excited about. I feel so privileged to have received this placement as it holds so many learning and career opportunities for me. The course allows me to write and perform my own music in a creative and encouraging environment, while receiving constructive feedback from both tutors and peers. Having the opportunity to work under the guidance of such highly recognised musicians and academics is such a privilege. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity to study at the RNCM.

How have your personal experiences of migration impacted you as an artist?

I’ve found living in a foreign city so inspiring. Experiencing a different culture and meeting new people each day is an amazing basis for creativity. Each day when I sit down to write my music, it feels exciting and fresh. The music I’m writing feels different to anything else that I’ve written previously. I think it is a combination of the incredible learning environment I’m in and the fantastic new city, which has allowed me to take my music to the next level.

Where did the RNCM come into your story?

The RNCM could not have come into my life at a better time. When I applied for my placement, I’d just turned 20 and was after a different learning experience in the middle of my degree. I had also released my first EP in 2018 and was unsure how to promote myself as an artist and how to successfully write, record and release original material. I’m so grateful for the Independent Artist module within the Popular Music course. It allows students like myself to gain industry level skills and receive invaluable advice on how to approach and succeed in today’s music industry.

Where is home to you?

My home is Perth, Western Australia.

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