Syakirah Noble

Syakirah is a second year popular music vocalist. Born in Singapore, she moved to the UK last year to study here.

She shared with us how migration has affected her life and work…

syakirah noble

What does the word ‘migrant’ mean to you?

Migrant simply means someone who’s moved to somewhere different and usually, to me, it’s in search of something better for their lives.

Where were you born, and what caused you to move away from your birth country?

I was born in Singapore, and moved to Manchester to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Popular Music at the RNCM. I also wanted to see what’s out there in the world and experience a culture different to mine. I wanted a change of scenery and I wanted to represent Singapore’s art scene on a bigger stage.

How have your personal experiences of migration impacted on you as a musician and artist?

Coming from such a different background and culture, I’ve gone through periods of culture shock and this has definitely made me much stronger and more resilient as an artist, as there are very many talented musicians here. The difference in the taste of music has also impacted me in a way that has diversified my palete of musings more than ever. It has pushed me to be even more open minded in that regard. I’m also much more patient as a person because of dealing with cultural differences.

Where did the RNCM come into your story?

Last year, when I came here to begin my journey.

Where is home to you?

Home is wherever there’s great music, people and a warm audience!

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