Valerie Rosa

Valerie is a postgraduate soprano. Born in Puerto Rico, she moved to the UK to study at the RNCM.

She shared with us how migration has affected her life and work…

What does the word ‘migrant’ mean to you?


Where were you born, and what caused you to move away from your birth country?

I was born in Puerto Rico and the reason I moved away was because there are no platforms there to pursue a career as an opera singer

How have your personal experiences of migration impacted on you as a musician and artist?

I definitely value things more that I may have sometimes taken for granted when I lived there. I feel more proud of my roots and identity, which helps me as an artist not only personally, and helps me to bring something different to the table. As a musician I cherish the music and repertoire from my homeland more and when I perform it, it comes with a different feeling. Also, being far from home pushes me to work even harder than before.

Where did the RNCM come into your story?

When I was looking for a conservatoire and a place to continue my studies, finding opportunities in classical singing and opera.

Where is home to you?

Home is anywhere my loved ones and family are.

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