Vanessa Guinadi

Vanessa is a soprano who’s currently studying for a BMus at the RNCM, in our School of Vocal Studies. She was born in Jakarta and moved to Singapore, then eventually to Manchester to develop further as a musician.

She shared with us how migration has affected her life and work…

What does the word ‘Migrant’ mean to you? ​

A person who leaves a home country and culture, in search of a better life

Where were you born, and what caused you to move away from your birth country?

​I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. We moved to Singapore, in part because of the Indonesian racial riots against the ethnic Chinese population, in part because of Singapore’s education system and economy.

How have your personal experiences of migration impacted on you as a musician and artist?

As a musician, it is very helpful as music is a very international community, and I find it easy to connect with people from different cultural backgrounds.

As an artist, migration has made me more independent and proactive, as I do not rely on the security and network of a large familial base.

Where did the RNCM come into your story?

I came to Manchester in search of becoming a better musician and artist, which is what my parents and grandparents have done too. Migration is an inseparable part of my family history.

Where is home to you?

Home is not a place to me – it’s wherever I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and close friends to be with.