Monday Lunchtimes 11/12/2023

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Agnus Dei from Waisenhaus Messe K 139

Elise Morton soprano
Toby Marshall trombone
Jonathan Fisher piano 

George Frideric Handel Va tacito from Giulio Cesare HWV 17

Nia Edwards mezzo-soprano
Barry Lo horn
Jonathan Fisher piano

Giuseppe Verdi Dal suo labbro il canto from Falstaff

Zichen Zhao tenor
Dominic Alison horn
Jonathan Fisher piano

Maurice Ravel Cinq mélodies populaires grecques
      Chanson de la mariée
      Là-bas, vers l’église
      Quel gallant

Richard Strauss Die Nacht Op 10 No 3
Richard Strauss Morgen Op 27 No 4

Anusha Bobby soprano
Holly-Alice Morton harp

Richard Strauss Alphorn Trv 64 Op 15 No 3 

Madeline Roberson soprano
Emily Douglas horn

George Frideric Handel The Trumpet Shall Sound

Jonny Hill baritone
Andrew Farrow trumpet
Jonathan Fisher piano

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Song Texts

Agnus Dei


Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem. 

Lamb of God

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. 
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. 
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace. 

Va tacito e nascosto

Va tacito e nascosto, quand’avido è di preda, l’astuto cacciator. 
E chi è mal far disposto, non brama che si veda l’inganno del suo cor. 
It must be tacit and hidden, when greedy is prey, the cunning hunter.
And whoever is ill disposed, does not want to see the deception of his heart. Translation: 

Dal labbro il canto estasiato vola

Dal labbro il canto estasiato vola 
Pe’ silenzi notturni e va lontano 
E alfin ritrova un altro labbro umano 
Che gli risponde colla sua parola. 
Allor la notte che non è più sola 
Vibra di gioia in un accordo arcano 
Come altra voce al suo fonte rivola. 
Quivi ripiglia suon, ma la sua cura 
Tende sempre ad unir chi lo disuna. 
Così baciai la disiata bocca! 
Bocca baciata non perde ventura. 
Ma il canto muor nel bacio che lo tocca.
From the lip the ecstatic song flies
Pe ‘nocturnal silences and goes far
And at the end rediscovers another human lip
That answers him with his word.
The night that is no longer alone
Vibra of joy in an arcane accord
Like another voice to its source it rivola.
There resumes sound, but his care
always tends to unite those who ungroup it.
So I kissed the disaffected mouth!
Kissed mouth does not lose fortune.
But the song dies in the kiss that touches him.  Translation: 

Chanson de la mariée

Chanson de la mariée

Réveille-toi, réveille-toi, perdrix mignonne, 
Ouvre au matin tes ailes. 
Trois grains de beauté, mon cœur en est brûlé! 
Vois le ruban d’or que je t’apporte, 
Pour le nouer autour de tes cheveux. 
Si tu veux, ma belle, viens nous marier! 
Dans nos deux familles, tous sont alliés! 

Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi

The bride’s awakening
 Wake up, wake up, pretty partridge,
Spread your wings to the morning,
Three beauty spots – and my heart’s ablaze.
See the golden ribbon I bring you
To tie around your tresses.
If you wish, my beauty, let us marry!
In our two families all are related. Translation © Richard Stokes, author of A French Song Companion (Oxford, 2000) 

Là-bas, vers l'église


Là-bas, vers l’église

bas, vers l’église, 
Vers l’église Ayio Sidéro, 
L’église, ô Vierge sainte, 
L’église Ayio Costanndino, 
Se sont réunis, 
Rassemblés en nombre infini, 
Du monde, ô Vierge sainte, 
Du monde tous les plus braves! 

Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi

Down there by the church  

Down there by the church,
By the church of Saint Sideros,
The church, O Holy Virgin,
The church of Saint Constantine,
Are gathered together, buried in infinite numbers,
The bravest people, O Holy Virgin,
The bravest people in the world! 

Translation © Richard Stokes, author of A French Song Companion (Oxford, 2000) 

Quel galant m'est comparable

Quel galant m’est comparable

Quel galant m’est comparable, 
D’entre ceux qu’on voit passer? 
Dis, dame Vassiliki? 
Vois, pendus à ma ceinture, 
Pistolets et sabre aigu 
Et c’est toi que j’aime!

Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi 

What gallant can compare with me?

 What gallant can compare with me?
Among those seen passing by?
Tell me, Mistress Vassiliki?
See, hanging at my belt,
Pistols and sharp swaord…
And it’s you I love! 

Translation © Richard Stokes, author of A French Song Companion (Oxford, 2000) 

Die Nacht

Die Nacht

Aus dem Walde tritt die Nacht, 
Aus den Bäumen schleicht sie leise, 
Schaut sich um in weitem Kreise, 
Nun gib Acht! 
Alle Lichter dieser Welt, 
Alle Blumen, alle Farben 
Löscht sie aus und stiehlt die Garben 
Weg vom Feld. 
Alles nimmt sie, was nur hold, 
Nimmt das Silber weg des Stroms 
Nimmt vom Kupferdach des Doms 
Weg das Gold. 
Ausgeplündert steht der Strauch: 
Rücke näher, Seelan Seele, 
O die Nacht, mir bangt, sie stehle 
Dich mir auch. 

Hermann von Gilm


Night steps from the woods,
Slips softly from the trees,
Gazes about her in a wide arc,
Now beware!

All the lights of this world,
All the flowers, all the colours
She extinguishes and steals the sheaves
From the field.

She takes all that is fair,
Takes the silver from the stream,
Takes from the cathedral’s copper roof
The gold.

The bush stands plundered:
Draw closer, soul to soul,
Ah the night, I fear, will steal
You too from me. 

Translation © Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005) 



Und morgen wird die Sonne wieder scheinen 
Und auf dem Wege, den ich gehen werde, 
Wird uns, die Glücklichen, sie wieder einen 
Inmitten dieser sonnenatmenden Erde 
Und zu dem Strand, dem weiten, wogenblauen, 
Werden wir still und langsam niedersteigen, 
Stumm werden wir uns in die Augen schauen, 
Und auf uns sinkt des Glückes stummes Schweigen 

John Henry Mackay


And tomorrow the sun will shine again
And on the path that I shall take,
It will unite us, happy ones, again,
Amid this same sun-breathing earth …

And to the shore, broad, blue-waved,
We shall quietly and slowly descend,
Speechless we shall gaze into each other’s eyes,
And the speechless silence of bliss shall fall on us … 

Translation © Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005) 



Ein Alphorn hör’ ich schallen, 
Das mich von hinnen ruft, 
Tönt es aus wald’gen Hallen? 
Aus blauer Luft? 
Tönt es von Bergeshöhe, 
Von blumenreichem Tal? 
Wo ich nur geh’ und stehe, 
Hör’ ich’s in süßer Qual. 
Bei Spiel und frohem Reigen, 
Einsam mit mir allein, 
Tönt’s, ohne je zu schweigen, 
Tönt tief in’s Herz hinein. 
Noch nie hab’ ich gefunden 
Den Ort, woher es schallt, 
Und nimmer wird gesunden 
Dies Herz, bis es verhallt. 

Justinus Kerner


I hear the sound of an alpenhorn
That summons me on my way,
Does it sound from the forest?
Does it sound from the blue sky?
Does it sound from the mountain-top?
From a flower-filled valley?
Wheresoever I be,
I hear it in sweet torment.

Whether I’m at play or merrily dancing,
Or altogether alone,
It sounds, never falling silent,
Sounds deep into my heart.
I have never found
The source of the sound,
And this heart will never heal
Until it dies away. 

Translation © Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005) 

The trumpet shall sound

The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be rais’d incorruptible, and we shall be chang’d. 

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 

I Corinthians 15:52-15:53