Terje Isungset Ice Quartet

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Terje Isungset ice drums, ice percussion, ice horns, iceofone
Amalie Holt Kleive 
vocals, ice percussion & water
Julie Rokseth 
ice harp
Toivo Fjose 
ice bass
Mathias Grønsdal 
sound design
Ina Charlotte Moe 
ice logistics

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Terje Isungset

At just 6 years old, Terje wanted to be a drummer. Often heard accompanying his father, who played accordion, Terje displayed a natural rhythmic flair. This childhood tuneful passion turned professional, with many years of performing & touring with various bands, across many musical genres – crucial experience that provided fertile ground for Terje to develop his distinctive style as Nature’s Percussionist, by crafting his own instruments from natural elements.

Arctic birch, granite, slate, drums, bells – often accompanied by mouth harps and a bukkehorn – provide the core instrumentation of Terje’s original compositions that coalesce improvisation, jazz, folk rooted music and mesmerising vocals. In the press, Terje’s work is often described as innovative, visual, energetic, meditative and different from previously known musical concepts – Terje’s own world of aural wonder.

Terje’s unique sonic mix has led to composing 45 commissioned works for orchestras, choirs, festivals, dance performances, theatre and film. Alongside writing music and performing solo, Terje continues to work as a sideman by collaborating on projects and albums with other esteemed musicians like Didier Petit, Arve Henriksen, Per Jørgensen, Karl Seglem, as well as being a core member of the influential Nordic supergroup GROUPA.

Internationally known as the pioneer of Ice Music, Terje Isungset created the musical concept in 1999 as an extension to his interest in creating sound from naturally born materials. By seeking out different types of ice and playing them both acoustically and amplified, Terje successfully refined the techniques required to allow ice to ‘sing’, and in the following year Terje was commissioned to perform Ice Music by creating the world’s first Ice Music concert inside a frozen waterfall in Lillehammer, Norway. In 2001 Terje recorded the first of 10 Ice Music albums, with the first release called ‘Iceman Is’. His second ice music album ‘Igloo’ which attracted critical acclaim, was celebrated in the winter of 2006, by being played at the inaugural Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway.

Founded by Terje to allow fellow musicians, sculptors and artists further push Ice Music’s sonic boundaries, the Ice Music Festival grew quickly and attracted the attention of international news media and music journalists, intrigued by the concept and high quality of sound. Now firmly established as one the world’s most unique annual music, climate & art gatherings, the Ice Music Festival Norway has also developed a compelling program of talks and presentations, hosted by world leading scientists who lead compelling narratives about the damaging effects of climate change. Ice Music continues to enchant music fans from all walks of life as Terje tours regularly worldwide.

Ice Quartet, Arctic Ice Music Ensemble, Ice Music Duo, solo concerts inside igloos, Ice Band performing in collaboration with orchestras in concert halls are all exciting variants of Terje’s various Ice Music bands and solos ice projects. All emit the delicate sounds of ice, that have been experienced in outdoor venues and indoor spaces in many countries – including Canada, Japan, India, Russia, China, across Europe, the USA, Turkey and Australia. Terje’s vision has been reported in-depth in many of the world’s most prestigious media outlets from the National Geographic, BBC and The Guardian to CNN, NRK and The Economist – to name a few. In 2022, a deal was announced with Dogwoof Pictures (one of the world’s documentary film distributors) to complete the production of truly expansive feature length film called ‘Sound of Ice’. Being made by filmmaker Tommy Gulliksen, and covering all 7 continents, Sound of Ice will soon project Ice Music onto the largest cinema screens.