Why Support With You

Mezzo-soprano Kathryn Rudge graduated from the RNCM in 2011 and within 12 months had secured principal roles with English National Opera, Glyndebourne and Opera North. She gives us an insight into why she supports the With You campaign:

For me, the joy of music has and always will be about the people I can share it with.

kathryn rudge

I received funding from RNCM supporters throughout my studies, and I am thankful to anyone who provides students and the College with the opportunity to receive financial support.

Over the last 15 years, since I first walked through the doors of the RNCM, the infrastructure and technology of the building has been transformed and it is so exciting to see the incredible new facilities and the legacy this leaves for future generations. Similarly, the opportunity to be a beneficiary of funding as a student is not only an exciting prospect, it also means that essential time and energy can be focused on the things we, as performers, want to invest in the most: music, collaboration, honing our skills as musicians… into everything we are passionate about.

The RNCM is not just nurturing the journey of a student, it is nurturing musicians – complete artists – as souls that have to be strong enough and open enough to let people into their emotional thinking. To communicate through music.

Maria Miro (Vanessa) and Kathryn Rudge (Erika)

I am a huge football fan. We openly speak in football conversations about how much the supporters mean to the game and how much the fans can influence a match. As fans we celebrate the history of the club and we hope to make more history. We unite (and sing) together in good times and bad.

It’s a great feeling to belong to a team, to a family like that, and I feel the same way about my music. I always appreciate the advice of mentors and tutors, remain inspired by the performers and creatives I work with, and gain constant encouragement from audiences and supporters. If I had my time again to pick a club to play for, a place to study, a team to belong to, it would be the RNCM every time.

If I had my time again to pick a club to play for, a place to study, a team to belong to, it would be the RNCM every time.

The warmth of the audiences, the pride people have in the history of the RNCM and the enthusiasm for future generations of musicians has always struck me. As a young performer it is wonderful to be on the receiving end of this and I will always do my best to champion the future of music-making, education and performance at the College and encourage others to help in whatever way they can. It is so important that we continue to invest in this fantastic place and in its talented young musicians. If I may steal a quote from a very special man I met during my studies at the RNCM, Michael Kennedy: ‘One hardly dares to predict what is to come’.