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RNCM Chamber Music Festival

Music of the New World

The American music that we hear today is almost entirely the result of migration. Only the indigenous music of Pre-Columbian civilisations existed before the continent was ‘discovered’ in 1492, and since then the influx of migrants from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia have shaped what we now call American classical music.

The opportunity and freedom that the United States promised in the later part of the 20th century attracted many thousands of artists fleeing war and poverty from across the world, but largely from Europe. This resulted in a melting pot of compositional styles. From the mid-20th century, America had developed its own unique classical voice, and American composers soon became pioneers in innovative new styles such as Experimentalism and Minimalism. This new music reflected the landscape and the culture. It is the music written in the tumultuous 20th century that this year’s Chamber Music Festival focusses on. Music of hope, of survival and of freedom.

Jeremy Young artistic director


Festival Ticket £125
(covers admission to all Chamber Music Festival events)

Friday Day Ticket £50
Saturday Day Ticket £50
Sunday Day Ticket £35



In between events, featuring some of the UK’s leading luthiers, bow-makers and retailers. The exhibition will feature stalls from Alan McGeoch, Douglas MacArthur, Kai-Thomas Roth, Rod Ward and William Szott plus more to be confirmed on the day.