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Manchester Collective: Sirocco

Original Voices

Tuesday 15 October 8.00pm

RNCM Concert Hall

Manchester Collective

Giovanni Sollima Lamentatio
William Lawes Aire in C
Trad Click Song (South Africa)
Joseph Haydn String Quartet in G major Op 76 No 1 (Adagio sostenuto)
Trad Ibuyile; Echa monati (South Africa)
Igor Stravinsky Concertino
Trad Old Reinlender from Sonndala (Denmark)
Trad Little One Mine (Ghana)
Trad O Fredik, O Fredik (Denmark)
Henry Purcell Largo and Prelude from The Fairy Queen
Trad Takamba (Mali)

Abel Selaocoe guest director, cello
Rakhi Singh, Simmy Singh violin
Ruth Gibson viola
Alan Keary electric bass
Sidiki Dembele african percussion

Sirocco is pure joy and energy – a great storm of music that celebrates the incredible warmth and diversity of folk traditions from across the globe. This is music for the people, by the people.

Witnessing Abel Selaocoe perform is an awe-inspiring experience. This RNCM alumnus has a unique, mesmerising musical voice and seems to fill the air with a fizzing energy.

Also joining Manchester Collective for this unique collaboration will be two members of Abel’s band Chesaba, a trio specialising in the performance of music from the African continent.

The show covers everything from Sollima’s Lamentatio (watch out for an outrageous arrangement by Abel…) to darkness and light by Stravinsky and Haydn, a new set of African work to be played for the very first time and two gorgeous Danish folk songs to round off the night.


Spotlight: Music Away From Home

Tuesday 15 October 7.00pm

Songs accompanied by lute and guitar.

Free admission, no ticket required

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Tuesday 15 October 8.00pm - Tickets £16