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The Music of the Primes

Part of Manchester Science Festival

Tuesday 23 October 7.30pm

RNCM Concert Hall


For mathematicians, prime numbers are the most beautiful yet enigmatic numbers on the mathematical books. Could music help us to hear these numbers in a new way? In a new collaboration from PRISM, we explore the link between music and maths. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a maths whiz to learn something new…

Professor Marcus du Sautoy presents the mathematical story of The Music of the Primes. Hear RNCM students respond in their own individual way to the twists and turns of this unfinished mathematical saga, in four new short commissions for instrumental quartets.

Afterwards, du Sautoy will explore how Messiaen’s famous piece The Quartet for the End of Time exploits fascinating mathematical ideas including an extraordinary example of prime numbers to create a sense of never-ending time.

Read more about PRiSM at www.rncm.ac.uk/prism

This event is part of Manchester Science Festival

This will be a truly illuminating event, from which you will gain an insight into the fascinating and often surprising links between music and maths. And don’t fear if it’s been a while since you’ve practised your equations – you don’t need to be Pythagoras to take something interesting away from the evening!
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Tuesday 23 October 7.30pm - Tickets £6