Christopher Melen

PRiSM Research Software Engineer


  • Research into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, as it pertains to music.
  • Software development (code).
  • Teaching (Python, JavaScript).

A native of Swansea, South Wales, I am by training and vocation a composer, having obtained my PhD in Composition from the School of Music in Cardiff University in 2006. Since then I have worked mostly outside of the adacemic sector as a software developer, both in the UK and the US. During my postgraduate studies I became interested in computer-assisted composition, and started to write code, which eventually grew into a broader involvment in software development. I returned to music and academia in 2015 when I joined the team of the AHMRC-funded John Cage and the Concert for Piano and Orchestra project at Huddersfield University, developing the project’s interactive website and apps. I have been working at RNCM since 2019 as a Research Software Engineer within PRiSM, the first occupant of such a role in the College’s history.


COVID-19 Update: In order to provide the best possible student experience over the coming months and to ensure maximum access for staff and students while social distancing is in place, the RNCM will remain closed to the public until further notice. More information...