Christopher Melen

Photo of Christopher Melen

PRiSM Research Software Engineer

Email: [email protected]

  • Research into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, as it pertains to music.
  • Software development (code).
  • Teaching (Python, JavaScript).

A native of Swansea, South Wales, I am by training and vocation a composer, having obtained my PhD in Composition from the School of Music in Cardiff University in 2006. Since then I have worked mostly outside of the adacemic sector as a software developer, both in the UK and the US. During my postgraduate studies I became interested in computer-assisted composition, and started to write code, which eventually grew into a broader involvment in software development. I returned to music and academia in 2015 when I joined the team of the AHMRC-funded John Cage and the Concert for Piano and Orchestra project at Huddersfield University, developing the project’s interactive website and apps. I have been working at RNCM since 2019 as a Research Software Engineer within PRiSM, the first occupant of such a role in the College’s history.