Malcolm Williamson

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Alexander Technique Tutor


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Studied viola at the RCM with Bernard Shore and played professonally for 16 years (Festival Ballet, Iceland Symphony Orcherstra, Scottish National Orchestra, etc.) before teaching full time. Trained as a teacher of the Alexander Techique with Walter Carrington. Started teaching at the RNCM September 1985. Chairman of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique 1995-96 and editor of its newsletter for 12 years. 2001-2016, Head of Training at the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School which provided full-time, three year training for Alexander teachers. Member of the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain (1984).

His role involves:

  • Teaching how to develop reliable habits by applying AT principles; how to practise and perform efficiently with awareness, presence and spontaneity
  • Teaching students how to change harmful habits and to adapt for advantage and success
  • Teaching an approach to learning, i.e the Alexander Technique, that develops control and well-founded confidence. “If we really know what we are doing (and not what we say or think we are doing) we can better do what we want.” (Shusterman 2000:168)
  • For more information, see Handbook (RNCM 2012 updated) under Student Support and Alexander Technique.

Current and Future Research

Advisor for The Effect of Lessons in the Alexander Technique on Music Performance in High and Low Stress Situations. Valentine E, Fitzgerald D, Gorton T, Hudson J,  Symonds . Psychology of Music, Vol. 23, No. 2, 129-141 (1995)

The Role of the Alexander Technique in Musical Training and Performing. Moorehouse A, Roberts N, Williamson M. Small pilot study at RNCM. Paper read at International Symposium on Performance Science, Oporto 2007. Proceedings, Williamon A, Coimbra D (eds), Association Europeénne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique, et Musikhochschulen (AEC): 369–374

Dewey and the Alexander Technique: Lessons in mind–body learning. Woods C, Williamson M, Fox Eades J. Dewey and education in the 21st century: fighting back. Heilbronn R, Doddington C, Higham R (eds). Emerald Publishing (2018), Chapter 4, pp. 83–100.

John Dewey and F.M. Alexander: Habit and performance skills. Malcolm Williamson. International Symposium on Performance Science (Toronto 2011) AEC: 451–456.  ISBN978-94-90306-02-1

‘Speaking with the tongues of Men and of Angels’ chapter in Connected Perspectives: The Alexander Technique is Context. London: Hite Ltd. 2015

Towards Vocal Freedom, Gerald Wragg. Edited by M Williamson. London: Mouritz 2017.

Numerous articles for The Alexander Journal (London) and American Society for the Alexander Technique Journal.

Undergraduate Teaching

Visiting teacher and advisor to the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School and the Edinburgh Alexander Technique School, both offering a 3 year, full-time training course leading to professional certification by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

External Assessor

Professional Activity

  • Teaching the Alexander Technique to RNCM students and members of the general public.
  • Training teachers of the Alexander Technique.
  • Running continuing professional development programmes for Alexander teachers.
  • Writing on the Alexander Technique and related issues.
  • Researching the teaching of Sheila Barlow (RMCM & RNCM) and her teacher James Bernard (RMCM) with view to publishing.