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Sō Percussion

Original Voices

Tuesday 20 November 7.30pm

RNCM Concert Hall


Steve Reich Music for Pieces of Wood
Caroline Shaw Taxidermy
Bryce Dessner Music for Wood and Strings
Jason Treuting Amid the Noise

Sō Percussion’s manifesto: ‘to create a new model of egalitarian artistic collaboration that respects history, champions innovation and curiosity, and creates an essential social bond through service to our audiences and our communities.’

This American quartet is all about innovation and re-invention. Performing pieces by Steve Reich, the National’s Bryce Dessner and Caroline Shaw – watch out for some very strange instruments indeed – they also present to the world the chord stick (*a brand new instrument that’s a cross between a dulcimer and an electric guitar.) And to finish the show, RNCM percussion students join the group on stage to perform a hypnotic suite of pieces by the quartet’s very own Jason Treuting, blending Reich, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin.

Tickets £18
Students/Under 18s £5

Think of an object which makes a noise when you hit it. At one time or another, you can guarantee that it’s found its way into the hands of Sō Percussion. A New York-based quartet of virtuosos, this ensemble is all about innovation and re-invention…
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Spotlight: The Dolce Flute Quartet

Tuesday 20 November 6.30pm

From whirlpools to Riverdance.

Free admission, no ticket required

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Tuesday 20 November 7.30pm - Tickets £18