The RNCM Concert Hall is currently being transformed into a bigger, better and more comfortable venue for audiences and performers alike – donate today and help us make it happen!

The Concert Hall will be completely refurbished with additional seating capacity, air conditioning, new interior and an updated technical fit out.

The new space will have a variety of flexible options for your event with layouts including 445 capacity seating on Level One, 610 capacity seating with our new balcony and Royal Balcony open or even up to 730 capacity seating with a reduced stage size for amplified bands and small ensembles (please speak to our Events Manager for further details about the 730 layout – email

This unique octagonal performance space also contains a Hradetsky Four Manual Concert Organ, a variety of dressing room spaces suitable for very large ensembles including a private soloists’ room, a separate lighting box area, new discrete multicore runs and fly motors for ease of rigging equipment. All with easy access for a flat floor load in and parking for buses and trucks.

In the meantime, you can watch our live webcam for a sneak peek behind the scenes.