RNCM Innovate

Today’s music industry is facing many urgent challenges and changes, which offer our musicians multiple opportunities to develop new ideas and make a positive impact.

Our mission is to define the future of music and its place in society, through the diverse career choices of our alumni and the institutional collaborations and partnerships that influence the direction of the profession.

To enable our students to build successful and sustainable careers we need to encourage risk-taking and the exploration of new ideas; to establish a laboratory for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship; to reimagine and build on what has gone before us; and to understand our civic responsibility.

RNCM Innovate is our platform for experimentation and discovery, enabling students and staff to push the boundaries of traditional music practices and drive the industry of tomorrow.

Its three main themes are:

  • To showcase and celebrate ALL the innovation work taking place at the RNCM today, and to raise the RNCM’s voice in the public discourse around innovation – a joined up, powerful narrative for change and development.
  • To support and facilitate the continued development of and research around new ideas, new approaches, new developments and new collaborations in music, and putting those ideas into action.
  • To create a local and global forum around innovation, drawing together key individuals and institutions across and outside the music profession to share ideas and seek to tackle head-on some of the urgent challenges in the music world and music’s place in society.

RNCM Innovate will focus on five main ‘grand’ challenges: Environment and Climate (2023-24 theme The Future is Green); Audience Engagement; Music and Health; Artform Development; and Creative Development for Professional Musicians.

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