Performance activity is central to RNCM life. Our rich performance programme spans different genres and approaches to music-making, giving students opportunities to perform to the public, often alongside some of the very best musicians in the industry.

A key pillar of the performance programme is to function like a lab, and we encourage students to take risks, try new approaches and explore different ways of engaging with our audiences.


Creativity and the development of new ideas are central to the programme, and there are many opportunities for RNCM students to take creative lead in their own projects, whether through our Spotlight Series, all curated by students; our lab week, where students can apply to create a project from scratch that explores a new idea; our Original Voices Festival, which aims to reimagine new ways of performing and producing older music; our MIUAWGA Ensemble, bringing together students from all areas of College to improvise and explore music from different cultures; or Ark Ensemble, which seeks to reimagine the traditional wind ensemble, through innovative programming, movement and cross-arts work.

Manchester is a city buzzing with energy and creativity, and our aim is for the performance programme to reflect this richness and diversity.