The RNCM provides a unique environment in which musical creativity and experimentation can flourish by continually forging new connections between teaching, research and performance.

Specifically, a dynamic culture of research is fostered that recognises, supports and disseminates relevant work by staff in all areas of its activities, including the creation, performance, production, history, theory, and psychology of music.

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Research outputs include books, compositions, critical editions, journal articles, pedagogical materials, première performances and recordings.

REF 2014: Research Excellence Framework

This year the RNCM will submit the best of our artistic innovation and research over the last seven years to REF2021. The REF is a peer review exercise which evaluates the quality of research in UK higher education institutions through three categories: Research Outputs, Impact, and Research Environment. REF2014 ranked the RNCM as the UK’s leading music college for research.

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