Research Projects

An insight into the exciting and innovative research and performance activities that are taking place at the RNCM.

Browse below to find out more about RNCM Research projects:

Paris-Manchester 1918

An online collaborative exhibition between the RNCM and the Paris Conservatoire about musical life in Manchester and Paris during the Great War.

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Making Music in Manchester During World War I

Bringing the music of the city and wider region in WWI to life through interactive performances, workshops, exhibitions, and online resources.

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Investigating 18th Century Musical Culture Through Legal Documents

Research by Dr Cheryll Duncan demonstrates the importance of legal documents to historical musicology.

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The Listening Project Symphony

Professor Gary Carpenter‘s composition, the Listening Project Symphony, was part of the BBC Listening Project.

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Perceptions of Musical Time

A nine-week residency at the Science Museum, London, featuring ‘Music and the Mind’ experiments for visitors

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A one-act opera written by Adam Gorb to expose the world of sex trafficking and slavery in the UK

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Musical Impact

A £1million project featuring the world’s largest-ever study into the health and wellbeing of performing musicians

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Daedalus in Flight

This work is rapid throughout with an incessant pulse of 138 crotchet beats per minute. From the outset, […]

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Mozart’s Chamber Music with Keyboard

The first piece of research in English that draws together Mozart’s Chamber Music with Keyboard as a corpus

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A practice based research project exploring close collaborations between a diverse group of composers and a virtuoso chamber ensemble

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Interactive Performance for Musicians with a Hearing Impairment

A three-year project inspired by deaf musician Dame Evelyn Glennie, who describes feeling and using vibration when playing percussion instruments

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Songs to the North Sky

Tim Garland’s work explores the question of how to make jazz processes understandable to a non-jazz audience

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Tim Garland challenges the boundaries of composition within jazz, exploring techniques which ‘balance’ notated and improvised music

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Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc (2015-2017)

This project looks at Francis Poulenc’s creative responses to both wars, as a French composer who experienced war twice

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Sound Histories

A large scale site-specific installation at the British Museum, created to animate the iconic public space with music

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