m62 is a practice based research project exploring close collaborations between a diverse group of composers and a virtuoso chamber ensemble.

It involves RNCM staff composers (Professor Emily Howard, Dr Mauricio Pauly and Dr Matthew Sergeant) and the newly established Parisian saxophone and percussion duo scapegoat (Joshua Hyde and Noam Bierstone).

The results of this project produced three new compositions for the duo alongside documentation of both the formative collaborative process from which the work was generated (via video/audio recording of workshops/rehearsals) and evaluative reflection upon it (from both composers and performers).

The new compositions are intended for performance at major international new music festivals whilst the documentation will serve as materials for promotional, archival, presentational (‘video programme notes’) purposes as well as more formal academic publication (as conference papers, etc.).

As a result, the project generates three output strands: (i) AV Documentary feature (for online dissemination); (ii) International performance; (iii) Summation/reflective commentary (conference paper/possible journal publication).

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