Junior RNCM

Junior RNCM is a vibrant community of gifted young musicians aged 8 to 18 who come together to develop their talent within the Royal Northern College of Music.

Every Saturday during term time the RNCM is their home; a place to study with exceptional tutors, perform with like-minded people and make long-lasting friendships. It’s also a place that looks to the future, teaching transferrable skills for life and creating a solid platform for further study at a conservatoire or university.

Being part of Junior RNCM is special. Students often say it’s their favourite part of the week and many tutors are proud to be alumni of the school. The varied curriculum ensures that everyone who trains with us receives an outstanding music education within an environment full of opportunity. Read our full prospectus here.

Junior RNCM harpist

I look forward to Junior RNCM every week without fail. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to be in and everybody is so friendly and helpful. I feel like I’ve grown musically since I started and I’ve made so many friends; it’s great to be able to chat with like-minded people who share the same passion as me!
Matilda, Harp

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Junior RNCM Curriculum

The varied curriculum ensures that everyone who trains with us receives an outstanding music education within an environment full of opportunity.

Students are required to spend a whole day at the Junior RNCM to undertake the full curriculum, which comprises:

Principal Study: 1 hour

Second Study: ¾ hour

Academic Studies
• Musicianship/Improvisation: ¾ hour
• Theory/Harmony/Composition: ¾ hour

Chamber Music Coaching (sight-singing for vocalists): ¾ hour

Plus one of the following, as directed by the Head of Junior RNCM:

Orchestral Training: 2 hours
Brass Band: 1½ hours
Vocal Ensemble: 2 hours
Jazz Ensemble: 1½ hours
Percussion Ensemble: 1½ hours

Foundation Section for Young Students

Our youngest students are placed in the Foundation Section and follow a shortened curriculum, at a reduced fee. Foundation Section students undertake the following:
Principal Study: 1 hour
Second Study: ¾ hour
Eurhythmics Class: ¾ hour
Theory: ¾ hour
Foundation Choir: ¾ hour

When their technical ability and physical stamina have reached the levels required for a full day of activities, it is expected that Foundation Students will become ‘full Juniors’.

Academic Studies
The Junior RNCM curriculum is underpinned by Academic Studies, which are of key importance in the training of well-informed young musicians. All students attend classes of either theory, harmony or composition (depending on age and standard) plus classes in musicianship, improvisation or Eurhythmics.

The Junior RNCM curriculum complements and supports students’ wider music education, particularly their learning on GCSE and A level Music courses. Help is also available for those preparing for ABRSM practical examinations through the aural training element of the musicianship course.

Composition is a particular strength of the Junior RNCM. Many of our students have had their works broadcast or performed nationally, and Junior RNCM students have won the BBC Proms Inspire Young Composers’ Competition seven times in recent years. Our Young Composers‘ Concerts, featuring performances by the Junior RNCM New Music Ensemble, provide an excellent focus for student output.

Our older students also enjoy the benefits of tuition in the techniques of conducting, score preparation and interpretation. There are opportunities for outstanding student conductors to work with Junior RNCM ensembles.

Chamber Music
Chamber Music is an important element in the training of our young musicians, and most of our students receive ensemble coaching in small groups, carefully matched to age, standard and experience.

Orchestral and Large Ensemble Training (as directed by the Head of Junior RNCM)
Junior RNCM orchestras and ensembles rehearse and perform works from a wide-ranging repertoire, and offer concerto opportunities for several outstanding soloists each year.

Regular sectional work is undertaken by experienced tutors, and there is a strong emphasis on orchestral and ensemble training. Alongside these in-house activities, students are encouraged to take part in complementary school, county and national activities.

Each ‘full Junior’ may be involved with: Big Band, Brass Band, Percussion Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble.

Click here for further curriculum information and sample timetables.

Staff List

Head of Junior RNCM
Karen Humphreys MBE, MusM(Perf), MPhil, GMusRNCM, PGDip RNCM, FRNCM, ARCM, LRAM, Dip Couns.

Deputy Head of Junior RNCM
Dr David Jones BMus (Hons), MusM PGDip RNCM, PhD

Administrator for Junior RNCM
Euan Au

Tutorial Staff

Academic Studies
Dr Amanda Babington BMus, MusM, PhD
Rosemary Broadbent MA, ARCO, ARCM
Michael Fletcher MA, FRCO, Dip. Ed.
Dr Rachael Gibbon BMus RNCM, ATCL, PhD
Ian Gray MA, LGSM, Cert Ed.
Marjory Gray DRSAM(Perf), DRSAM (teach), PGCSE
David Onac MA Hons, MPhil, MMus, PhD, LRSM

Rosemary Broadbent MA, ARCO, ARCM
Joshua Brown BA (Hons), MusM, PhD
Larry Goves BMus, MPhil (RNCM), PhD
David Onac MA Hons, MPhil, MMus, PhD, LRSM
Gavin Wayte MMus, BMus(Hons), ALCM

Rose Martin BMus (Hons), PG Cert & MMus (Perf) RNCM, PGCE, Dalcroze Cert.

Juan Ortuno MMus
Ewa Strusinska MGR

Keyboard Studies 

Teleri Sian Barker BMus (Hons) RCM, MML
Sam Brook BMus (Hons), PGDip (Perf)
Siew Fong Choon GMusRNCM(Hons), PGDipRNCM
Valerie Eastham LRSM(T), LRSM(P), FTCL
Hazel Fanning GRNCM, ARNCM, ATCL
John Gough GMusRNCM (Hons), PPRNCM, ARCM
Manola Hatfield GRSM, ARMCM (Perf.)
Benny Hui BA (Hons), BA (Hons), PGCert, MMus, MPhil, CT ABRSM
Marta Karbownicka MA
Matthew Kam MMus(Perf), PGDip RNCM, BMus (Hons)
Kwangho Lee MMus, BMus (Hons)
Katherine Mercer BMus (Hons), LRAM
Jonathan Middleton GMusRNCM (Hons), PGDipRNCM, PPRNCM
Sarah Murphy PhD, BA (Hons)
Alison Reynolds MusB, GRNCM
Lauryna Sableviciute MMus
Ruth Webb BMus (Hons), PGDip, PPRNCM
Alex Winkcup MMus(Perf), PGDip, BMus(Hons)
Shanshan Zhao BA (Hons), PPRNCM, MMus

Jazz Piano
Ian Gray MA, LGSM, Cert Ed.

Simon Mercer BMus(Hons), ARCO

String Studies

Janet Fuest
Mary Hofman BA, MMus
Benedict Holland PPRNCM
Liz Rossi BMus (Hons), PPRNCM
Steve Wilkie GMus RNCM, PGDip RNCM
Cath Yates GMus RNCM(Hons) PPRNCM

Lucy Nolan BMus (Hons), MMus RNCM
Alex Robertson GMusRNCM, PPRNCM

Jennifer Langridge GMusRNCM PPRNCM(solo) PPRNCM(Chamber)
Clare Rowe BMus (Hons), PGDip, MusM, PPRNCM

Double Bass
Geth Griffith BMus (Hons), PGDip (RNCM)

Lucy Nolan BA, Mst Music Performance, PGCE
Eira Lynn Jones MusM, GMus(Hons)RNCM

Jeremy Bleasdale BA (Hons) LLCM
Jon Gjylaci BMus (Hons), PGDip RNCM

Wind, Brass & Percussion Studies

Noemi Gyori Magister Dip Hons (Franz Lizst Academy) PGDip (Vienna) Concert Dip (Munich)
Aine Lambert BMus (Hons), MMus
Helen Rimmer G.MusRNCM(Hons), PGCE
Jonathan Rimmer ARCM

David Cowdy BA (Hons), PGDipRNCM, PPRNCM, PGCE

Helen Bywater BMus (Hons), PPRNCM
Heather Gordon-Redfearn BMus (Hons), MMus
Anne McNaught GMusRNCM (Hons)

Rebekah Abramski BMus, Diplom (Stuttgart)

Chris Orton HonBC, AdvPGDip (Prof Perf), BMus (Hons)

Gillian Blair BMus (Hons), MMus (RNCM)
Ruth Bourn PPRNCM, BMus RNCM
Carl Raven BMus, RNCM, PPRNCM

French Horn
Jonathan Harris
John Thornton

Tim Barber BMus (Hons) RNCM, PPRNCM, PGDip (Perf)
Neil Fulton BMus (Hons) RNCM
Matthew Palmer BMus
Graham South MusB(Hons), MusM

Richard Broomhead BMus(Hons), LRAM
Philip Goodwin

Tenor Horn
Helen Varley BSc (Hons), LRSM

Mark Bousie BMus (Hons) RNCM, PPRNCM, PGDip RNCM, PGCE

Leslie Neish BMus (Hons), PRNCM, PGDip(Dist)

Ian Forgrieve GMusRNCM (Hons), PPRNCM
Andrea Vogler BMus (Hons)RNCM, PGDipRNCM

Vocal Studies

Ian Anderson Gray BA (Hons), MMus(Perf) FTCL in Performance
Jenny Heslop ARMCM
Linda Richardson BA (Hons), PGDip Perf RNCM
Antonia Sotgiu GRNCM, Hon DArts
Richard Strivens MA (Oxon)

Vocal Ensemble
Simon Mercer B Mus (Hons), ARCO
Eduardo Portal PGDipRAM, Int. Artist Dip RNCM

Chamber Music

Gillian Blair BMus (Hons), MMus (RNCM)
Jeremy Bleasdale BA (Hons) LLCM
David Cowdy BA (Hons), PGDipRNCM, PPRNCM, PGCE
Ian Forgrieve GMusRNCM(Hons), PPRNCM
Heather Gordon-Redfearn BMus (Hons), MMus
John Gough GMusRNCM(Hons), PPRNCM, ARCM
Ian Gray MA, LGSM, Cert Ed.
Geth Griffith BMus (Hons), PGDip
Noemi Gyori Magister Dip Hons, PGDip, Concert Dip
Anne-Marie Hastings GRNCM, PPRNCM
Mary Hofman BA, MMus
Aine Lambert BMus (Hons), MMus
Rachel Moore BA (Hons)
Lucy Nolan BA, Mst Music Performance, PGCE
Chris Orton HonBC, AdvPGDip (Prof Perf), BMus (Hons)
Juan Ortuno MMus
Eduardo Portal PGDipRAM, Int. Artist Dip RNCM
Helen Rimmer GMusRNCM (Hons), PGCE
Alex Robertson GMus RNCM, PPRNCM
Lauryna Sableviciute MMus
Andrea Vogler BMus (Hons)RNCM, PGDipRNCM
Shanshan Zhao BA (Hons), PPRNCM, MMus

Orchestra and Ensemble Conductors

Geth Griffith BMus (Hons), PGDip (RNCM)
Jon Malaxetxebarria
Simon Mercer BMus (Hons), ARCO
Leslie Neish BMus (Hons), PRNCM, PGDip (Dist)
Chris Orton HonBC, AdvPGDip (Prof Perf), BMus (Hons)
Juan Ortuno MMus
Eduardo Portal PGDipRAM, Int. Artist Dip RNCM
Ewa Strusinska MGR (Warsaw)
Andrea Vogler BMus (Hons)RNCM, PGDipRNCM


Dr David Jones BMus (Hons), PGDipRNCM, MusM(Perf), PhD
Jonathan Fisher BMus, MMus


The Junior RNCM prospectus is available to download here.

If you’d like to request a hard copy, please contact Euan Au, Junior RNCM Administrator, on 0161 907 5264 or email euan.au@rncm.ac.uk


The RNCM is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults studying in the College by raising awareness of safeguarding and promoting a safe environment in which to learn and explore music.

The College’s Senior Designated Person responsible for safeguarding is Fiona Chiang, Executive Projects Officer: 0161 907 5321 or email fiona.chiang@rncm.ac.uk.

Our relevant policies are available for download on the College’s Safeguarding page.

2021 Term Dates

Autumn Term
September 11 – December 4

Spring Term
January 8 – April 2

Summer Term
April 23 – July 2


COVID-19 Update: Our venues have reopened to the public and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back this Autumn. Before attending an event at the RNCM, please read our Audience Protocol…