RNCM Research asks fundamental questions regarding the nature of musicianship in the 21st century.

We investigate technologies from the harp to AI; the importance of a good story including theories of narrative structure and physical performance gestures; and the role of identity on and off the stage in a diverse, all-embracing cultural environment that celebrates our wide variety of voices.

RNCM tutor talks to a group of people about research at the RNCM

We are using cutting-edge technology to explore the cultural heritage of the UK’s concert and opera industries expanding the reach of live performance and probing its boundaries to impact new and increasingly diversified audiences.

At the RNCM:

  • Our PRiSM research centre generates new knowledge at the intersections of music and science with a particular focus on the creative use of Artificial Intelligence in music-making.
  • Our flagship RNCM Engage programme is underpinned by internationally significant research in music education and pedagogy.
  • Our cutting edge Studio 8 allows technologically sophisticated manipulation of the acoustics of space, providing a unique and specialist learning opportunity for our students.

To discover how our staff and students make music, old and new, that tackles the ‘big’ questions in society and the world today – such as music and wellbeing, disability, gender equality, the impact of war and persecution, people trafficking, and global majority musicians – click here.

To see how RNCM students from Year 1 to PhD benefit from, engage with and contribute to RNCM Research, click here and here.