RNCM announces winners of its Creative Innovator Awards 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the RNCM Creative Innovators Award.

Generously supported by Yamaha, this unique award (formerly the RNCM Entrepreneurship Award) recognises students who excel in creative ambition and entrepreneurship.

The winners of the Creative Innovators award 2023

Eight finalists took part in the event, pitching their new business ideas and artistic ventures to an expert panel. This included Rhiannon McKay-Smith (Director of Development), James Sargeant (Institutional Business Manager, Yamaha Music Group), Anthony Diver (Chief Creative Office, Mosquito Manchester), and previous winners Edane Ng and Olivia Hamblyn.

This year’s winners, who receive financial support and mentoring to help them develop their projects, are:

  • Winner of the RNCM Creative Innovator Award and Alumni Choice Award*: Emily Pedersen winning £1500 for Screenshot
  • Winner of the RNCM Creative Innovator Award: Spark Sanders Robinson winning £1000 for Lights on Theatre (LOTC): ‘Light on Le Bestiaire’
  • Winner of the Yamaha Entrepreneurship Award: Gabriela Waclawska winning £1000 for SOUNDmirror
  • Winner of the RNCM Creative Innovator Award: Eden Saunders winning £1000 for In the Groove
  • Winner of the RNCM Creative Innovator Award: Freddy Gillmore winning £500 for Freddy Gillmore

A huge congratulations to all the winners and special mention to this year’s runners up Harvey Falla, Blair Taylor and Riccardo O’Grady.

*The Creative Innovator Alumni Choice Award is awarded by previous winners of the RNCM Creative Innovator Award. Today this was Olivia Hamblyn (winner 2021) and Edane Ng (winner 2022)

15 June 2023