RNCM Associate Student Scheme and CPD

Music students and teaching professionals can take advantage of learning opportunities at the College through the RNCM Associate Student Scheme and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

RNCM Associate Student Scheme (one term – one year)

Lasting from one week to a full academic year, the RNCM Associate Student Scheme allows students from all over the world and from within the UK to take a short and intensive period of study at the College without following a specific degree or diploma programme.

Open to both singers and instrumentalists, Associate Students are fully integrated into the RNCM community and may take a range of studies, drawn from the existing College modular offer at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They may elect to be assessed in the modules that form part of their Associate Studentship, but this will not be a requirement.

At completion, the RNCM offers a certificate of attendance, detailing the duration of the studentship, along with a transcript of studies. The transcript includes a description of those modules studied, and those for which assessment has been undertaken, and which have led to the award of credit. Results of Associate Students will be held on the same College record system as all other students, although the credit accumulated will not normally build to an award. All modules will carry Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) points.

For students who subsequently apply for an award-bearing course at the RNCM, credit awarded may, at the discretion of the College, contribute to the programme of study undertaken subsequently.

Please note: Anyone may study as an Associate Student if the College considers that they have an appropriate background and the necessary skills to be successful, that they will benefit from the study and that they can be accommodated.

Possible packages

Terms 1, 2 and 3
Terms 1 and 2 only
Term 1 only
Term 2 only

(Term 1 starts in September; Term 2 starts in January; Term 3 starts in March/April (dependent on Easter holidays) and ends in June).

Please note: overseas students can stay for up to six months on a Student Visitor’s Visa. Please contact international@rncm.ac.uk for further information.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The RNCM can offer a range of CPD courses for singers and instrumentalists. Options include:

Teacher Visits (one week)
Initial Professional Development (one month)
RNCM Professional Development Scheme (six months: September – February or January – June)
A bespoke packages of tuition (negotiable terms)

If you are interested in coming to the RNCM to undertake a CPD course, please email admissions@rncm.ac.uk

Submitting Your Application

All applications for the Associate Student Scheme and CPD course should be made via Acceptd.

For further guidance, please visit our Make An Application page.

Acceptd Document Requirements

Associate/CPD applicants must supply the following information before they are able to complete their Acceptd submission:

  1. Name and email address of your chosen practical referee
  2. Name and email address of your chosen academic referee
  3. A personal statement outlining your musical background and future plans

Audition Requirements

Each School of Study/Principal Study instrument has its own audition requirements. Please visit the Audition Process page for your proposed School of Study.