Teaching on our degree programmes starts with each individual student, and their ideas, passions, expertise and creativity.

Alongside the study of core topics, via modules such as the ‘Freelance Musician’ and ‘Creative Innovators’, students are given creative space to experiment with new ideas, for example to create TikTok videos, to try out new ensembles and ways of performing, and to start to build businesses and charities that will define what the future industry looks like. Skills needed to set up new innovative enterprises in the music industry are fundamental to our degree programmes; tax and budgeting is taught from year 1 of undergraduate study by a qualified chartered accountant, and students lead their own independent projects supported by an expert mentor, growing skills in management, marketing, budgeting, and self-reflection.

RNCM tutor with his hands up gesturing to a room of people

At the RNCM:

  • Students are encouraged to be ambitious and entrepreneurial, and to use their personal motivations and passions to have an impact on the world through their music, for example, by creating new creative projects that raise awareness.
  • Degree programme modules and co-curricular opportunities allow students to experiment and take risks, and to learn from trying out innovative ideas. For example, all students can apply annually for industry mentoring and up to £2,000 for their new enterprise in our RNCM Creative Innovators Award, funded in partnership with Yamaha.

Did you know? 

The RNCM is the only conservatoire to have a full-time academic Head of Enterprise, established following an award made to the RNCM of £902,153 to lead a project to develop cutting edge techniques around teaching freelance skills (our ‘StART Entrepreneurship Project’).

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