The Future is Green

The Future is Green written on a green background with white letters

We will place the climate and environmental impact at the heart of our decision-making; actively seeking ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint through online working, adopt environmentally friendly practices within our community and align with larger-scale interventions in Manchester and the City Region, using music as a catalyst to raise awareness. RNCM Strategic Plan: Defining the Future of Music

The relationship we have with the planet we live on is never far from our collective conscience.

Brutal stories of natural disasters brought on by climate change can often be overwhelming, and as a small institution it can be hard to imagine that we can make a difference. But that’s exactly what we want to do.

This year, as we continue our mission to Define the Future of Music, we’re turning our attention to this worldwide crisis, asking the question: what role could, and should musicians and creative artists have in response?

We understand that our organisational impact is small and there’s lots we still need to do, but we want to use our platform to raise awareness and spark discussion; to explore what we might achieve within our sector together and individually.

Through a string of public performances running from September to July, we’ll be bringing a focus to climate change and the natural world through our The Future is Green initiative, providing opportunities for students, staff, audience members and the wider community to learn with us, understand and think about the role we all play. We’ll also be highlighting what goes on behind the scenes, including the important work within our curriculum and the sustainability measures in place across our estate.

Join us as we stimulate an ambitious organisational and individual response to the climate emergency and explore our place in making a future that is green, sustainable,  and in harmony with our planet.