Here at the RNCM the safety of audiences and students is our priority.

We work with several partners including Greater Manchester Police and the ExcluSec Group to ensure that your visit is not only enjoyable but also safe.

We have a number of security measures in place, some of which are visible and some of which aren’t. All of our Front of House and security staff play key roles in keeping you safe; they all undertake regular security training and keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious behaviour. You can help with this during your visit by telling a member of staff if you see anything that looks out of place. Whether our buildings are open or closed, we have security and surveillance measures in place around the clock.

To improve safety for our visitors we have enhanced our security provision and introduced random bag checks at our entrance. By entering our building, you give your consent for your bag to be searched. Please note that visitors are welcome to bring any necessary medicines, medical equipment, food and non-alcoholic drink for special medical requirements with them. Please contact [email protected] if you have any concerns or special requirements related to this. We appreciate your co-operation with the security staff carrying out these checks.

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