RNCM Raise It

The Royal Northern College of Music is welcoming, supportive and collegial and we want everyone to feel safe here.

RNCM Raise it! Is a ‘one stop’ reporting tool for raising concerns about something you are experiencing, that you have witnessed or that is impacting your colleagues or a student. This could be a low-level concern about their welfare, witnessing bullying or being sexually harassed or a more serious issue relating to potential radicalisation or sexual assault. RNCM Raise it! allows you to report anonymously, or provide your name, about any incident or concern relating to a member of our community.

If your concern is related to a person under 18, please consult this document or contact Aled Tudor Marshall, Head of Junior Programmes.

We take a ‘whole provider approach’ to safety and harm reduction and encourage you to report your concerns, even if you are worried that it may seem trivial in isolation. You can trust that our action will be proportionate, and we will consider each report carefully and alongside any other information we may have received on the same issue. There is always the chance that you are not the only one who is worried about someone and reports will be triaged to an appropriate staff member, depending on whether it is a staff or student matter.

In our Strategic Plan we promise that our students will change culture in the music industry, supporting their colleagues and ensuring that every professional musician is respected and able to work in a safe and inclusive environment where they can give of their best. This promise starts within our own RNCM community and by reporting via RNCM Raise it! you can enable us to help those who need it quickly, creating a culture of action to protect us all and maintain a safe working and learning environment.

So, please report the following using the online reporting form:

  • Bullying/ harassment/ victimisation/ discrimination
  • Sexual harassment/ abuse or sexual misconduct
  • Physical/ verbal abuse/ threats of violence or coercion
  • Inappropriate or concerning use of Social Media
  • Welfare, risk of harm to self or others/ potential radicalisation

Note: This isn’t an exhaustive list. If in doubt, Raise It!