RNCM Concert Hall

The RNCM Concert Hall has been completely refurbished with additional seating capacity, air conditioning, new interior, and an updated technical fit out.

The new space has a variety of flexible options for your event, which are outlined below.

RNCM Concert Hall with piano on stage.

Seating Capacities

Lower and Upper Hall – 443
Balconies – 165
Stage seats – 120

(NB: Platform and Stage seating cannot be used simultaneously)

Standard Audience Layouts

Hall – 443 (Lower and Upper Hall seating)
Hall and balcony – 598 (Lower and Upper Hall seating plus Balconies)
Inset stage – 710 (Lower and Upper Hall seating plus Balconies and Stage seats)


This unique octagonal performance space also contains a Hradetsky Four Manual Concert Organ, a variety of dressing room spaces suitable for very large ensembles including a private soloists’ room, a separate lighting box area, new discrete multicore runs and fly motors for ease of rigging equipment. All with easy access for a flat floor load in and parking for buses and trucks.

For further information or to arrange a viewing, please contact:


Events Manager, Paul Cobban at [email protected] or 0161 907 5289.


Head of Conference and Catering, Joanne Dooley at [email protected] or 0161 907 5248.

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