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Vulva Voce: Sustainable Tour of Europe

Formed at the RNCM, Vulva Voce, embarked on a sustainable tour across Europe in August this year. Acutely aware that the classical music industry, like many sectors, must find alternative methods of touring that does not involve the environmentally damaging consequences of flying, the String Quartet took the admirable root of travelling by land only.

With support from the RNCM Principal’s Circle, they were able to travel between the UK, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Berlin by public transport, saving 1,719 Kg CO2e in comparison to a tour undertaken via air travel.

They shed some light on their experience:

‘The support we received from the RNCM was truly indispensable in helping us accomplish our sustainable tour of Europe. Without this financial support, we would not have been able to make this exciting endeavour possible.

Although the days were long and tiring, shifting heavy luggage and instruments across stations, and several slightly stressful tight connections, the experience was in fact very grounding. Our travel days became welcome reflection and ‘down’ time amidst the pressures of performing, promoting and organising all our own concerts. It was humbling to travel all those distances, through changing landscapes and languages, that are usually bypassed through the clouds in a matter of hours.

We hope we can demonstrate what is possible and shed some light on the experience for others. Going forwards, we’ll always aim to explore sustainable travel as an option for international journeys.’

Four woman walk down a country path holding colourful umbrellas.

With your help, we can continue to support our students and alumni who are looking to tackle climate change in their field and build on our aims to become a self-sufficient conservatoire, with sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making.

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